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Chef Christina Murray

Hi there. I’m Christina.  I am super stoked you stumbled across my site! In case you hadn’t noticed I am completely food obsessed. I currently reside in Boise, Idaho but have called Kauai, California, and Connecticut “home”. I live with my husband, daughter, and pooch Stella. My formal culinary training is from one of the top schools in the nation, The International Culinary Center. I have my BA in Visual Design, as well as my BS in Food Politics. I am also certified from Harvard Medical School as a Culinary Health Coach. I offer a personal chef services, brand partnerships, as well as Culinary Coaching services.
A little about coaching: clients work with a trained chef (me!), to develop lifestyle changes to create healthier relationships with food. This can be accomplished through one on one consults, either done in person, via phone, or by video chat. Clients can then book various appointments including but not limited to: pantry clean outs, shops to the grocery store, as well as private cooking classes. We will work together to discuss your short term and long term goals to create sustainable lifestyle changes for a healthier future.
If you have any questions, a request, or would like to discuss a partnership please email me at christina@lettuceeatcake.com
Thanks for stopping by!
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