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I’m Christina, a thirty something “Mom” {although I hate being put in the Mom category}.

I love a good espresso and I have a passion for healthy food and fabulous fashion.  I am currently obsessed with the Barre Workout {specifically The Dailey Method}.  Read about it here.


Mom. Fashion. Lifestyle. is a blog meant to inspire the “Moms” everywhere to live a happy, healthy, and stylish life.  I am originally from California’s Central Coast. My family and I  recently relocated to Connecticut… and to be honest, I am not quite sure how long I can withstand this cold!

I have a passion for anything creative, which is what motivated me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Visual Design.  My professional experience prior to having my daughter {who is now 3!},  has included visual merchandising, wardrobe styling, as well as hair and makeup.

I have always had a passion for cooking from a very young age, however I loved comfort food and sweets, not necessarily healthy food. My weight always varied, my lowest being 143 all the way up to 160 at my heaviest. I am 5 foot 7 in case you were wondering. The thing about my weight was that it was always a yoyo. It never stayed the same. I never thought I was fat, I ate what I wanted and was very confident in my size 12 clothing.

When I became pregnant with my daughter I weighed around 150. At my 8 week check up I was put on bedrest for the entire length of my pregnancy.  I had multiple complications including a severe Subchoreonic Hematoma as well as a Focal Placental Accreta.  If our daughter survived this pregnancy she would be a miracle. Which she is! :)

{If you are reading this and have any of these pregnancy issues send me an email and I would be happy to share my story and help in anyway I can!}

I knew right then I needed to make a lifestyle change towards healthy living.  I could no longer “fad diet” and I certainly couldn’t afford a personal chef on bedrest {My husband was woking overseas at the time}.  This huge change was partially for selfish reasons, I didn’t want to gain too much baby weight, but it was mostly because I wanted our daughter to be raised with a family that had a healthy lifestyle that knew portion control and consumed limited amounts of processed foods. I began making everything homemade and began eliminating processed foods one by one.

I watched food documentaries. Try this one and this one.

Watch them.

I dare you.

You will no longer eat the way you eat. You will look at food in a whole new way. Clean eating is not a fad.  It is simply eating real food that actually tastes good. More and more people out there are seeing what is put into our food. It is no longer pure. You can no longer understand the ingredients on labels! I still buy a few packaged items but for the most part I make our food.


I now weigh 15 pounds less than I did before having our daughter. I do not do cardio. I haven’t in 4 years. I walk sometimes, and enjoy barre 2-3 days a week. TDM has a great video here.

I still eat meat and sweets. I am not a vegetarian or vegan. It just so happens that some vegan recipes taste good and are much better for you than the ones containing meat or dairy. I don’t think I could ever live without cream in my coffee.  Did I mention how much I love coffee?

Being heathy isn’t a diet and it is certainly not a trend. Clean Eating may be trending in the media but if you want to lose weight and have a happy healthy family, you need to make a lifestyle change. Permanently. Start with baby steps. And the rest will come with time, that is my promise to you.

If you have any questions, a request, or a post idea, please email me at momfashionlifestyle@me.com.
Thanks for stopping by!

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