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It may not technically be Fall for a few more days, but Connecticut is ready! I had to break out the boots and a scarf when I took the kiddo to dance class this morning. It was 58 degrees out!

Am I ready for another brutal East Coast Winter?

Definitely not.

However, the Fall here is amazing. I am extremely happy we had the ability to experience an East Coast Fall first hand. If you are not local then a “Fall Foliage” Vacation is a bucket list must!

This past week my family and I squeezed in one last camping trip of the Summer. We decided to visit Upstate New York and ended up staying in Allegany State Park.  We were greeted by this “Don’t Feed the Bears” sign. There was actually a black bear wandering our camp while we were there. Come on… you aren’t really camping if there aren’t any Yogi Bears around 😉

Image 5

{Our camping trip just wouldn’t be complete without the family pooch}

IMG_4923{Me when we first got there…. when I had actually showered. Ha. Outfit Info: Madewell Tank, Gap Jeans, H&M Slip on shoes, Betsey Johnson Sunnies}



Red House Lake is gorgeous. There is a swimming area as well as a rental shop with paddle boats and stand up paddle boards for rent. The kiddo loved digging in the sand.

Image 1

She picked out the “Purple Sparkly” paddle boat. The view from the middle of the lake isn’t too shabby.. eh??


Our days were spent by the campfire reading…. or hanging out by the lake. There are many activities in Allegany State Park that are perfect for families of all ages. There is everything from horseback riding to biking trails… boating, even ice fishing in the Winter! There are campsites as well as forestry type cabins for rent as well. To reserve a camping spot go here.We ended up staying for four nights and we easily could have stayed much longer.  If our 3 1/2 year old had a blast, you will too!  FYI, cell service is limited, I was not prepared for no service for 4 days! However it was nice to unplug.

Before we left on our trip, I prepped a ton of food for the ice chest. My goal was to maintain our healthy habits, even though we were camping. I had an extremely hard time coming up with healthy meals for cooking on a campfire.  All that came to mind were hamburgers, hot-dogs and S’mores. And while that is all fine and dandy on occasion… that wasn’t what I had in mind. Pinterest had a plethora of ideas, however not too many that were healthy.

The key to eating healthy while camping is prepping ahead and cooking food in advance. I made double of everything so we had two variations of each meal from the “Foil Pack” recipe. I stored all pre-made food in gallon size ziplock bags. They stacked perfectly in the ice chest.

5 Vegan Foil Packs for Camping

1.) Breakfast Burritos

2.) Berry Cobbler Breakfast Bake {can be doubled and used as dessert at night too!}

3.) Nutella Banana “Faux” S’mores

4.) Veggie Burritos

5.) Roasted Banana Boats


Foil Pack Roasted Potatoes with Peppers and Onions

*This is the recipe for the potatoes that are used for Breakfast Burritos or for dinner as Veggie Burritos. See below.


5 Large Potatoes Chopped {I left the peels on}

2 Onions Chopped

3 Red or Yellow Bell Peppers Chopped

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons of Rosemary or Herbs de Provence Seasoning

2 Tablespoons minced Garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 425. Mix all ingredients in large mixing bowl. Spread evenly on baking sheets, be careful not to crowd so the potatoes brown evenly. Bake for 35 minutes stirring halfway. Let cool before storing them in container for ice chest. I used a couple of gallon ziplock bags for camping.


Foil Pack Veggie Burritos & Breakfast Burritos

Image 4

What you need for foil pack for roasting on fire:

heavy duty tinfoil

1 can of black beans for veggie burrito option.

1 package of tofu for breakfast burrito option. {If you decide to add tofu make sure and get the moisture out and crumble in advance. Take the tofu and wrap it in a few layers of paper towels, then place it on a plate. Take a pan and push down on the wrapped tofu until the paper towel has sufficiently soaked in the tofu’s liquid.Unwrap the tofu and crumble it into a ziplock bag for camping}.

Chili Powder for seasoning

Package of large tortillas.

When you cook the potatoes on the campfire, cut a 20 inch square of tinfoil greased with cooking spray, scoop the precooked potatoes onto foil. Remember each foil pack is a one person serving, so scoop accordingly.  At this point you can add pressed ground tofu if you like for the breakfast burritos or the beans for veggie burritos. Season with chili powder. Seal up the foil pack. Place near the red part of the coals or wood in your fire. Cook for about 15 minutes depending on the size of your fire. You may have to check it halfway. To warm up the tortillas I placed them in a foil pack of their own pre-sprayed with cooking spray and then rolled up… gave them nice brown edges, perfect for the burritos!

{I apologize for the photo… only had one from my iPhone}


Gluten Free Berry Cobbler Foil Pack for Breakfast and Dessert

{Double this recipe to use as breakfast and dessert!}


{picture above is from my recipe when cooked in the oven} follow the directions below.


For the Filling:

2 Cup Fresh Fruit…. can use Apples, Pears, Blueberries or combination…. {can sub frozen if you want}


1 Cup Gluten Free Rolled Oats

1/2 Cup Chopped Nuts {I used Pecans}

1/4 C. Agave,  Honey, or Pure Maple Syrup

1 T. Ground Cinnamon

1/2 T. Nutmeg

3 T extra virgin coconut oil, melted (liquid)

Chop the fruit store in a ziplock bag. Prepare the topping store in a separate bag. When preparing your foil packs spray a 20 inch square of tinfoil with cooking spray. Scoop fruit onto foil. Sprinkle with topping. Remember each foil pack is one serving… this recipe makes 2-3 depending on how hungry you are. Seal the foil. Place in fire for 20 minutes give or take the size of your fire. Do not place directly in flames. Enjoy!


Nutella Banana “Faux” S’mores



Nabisco original Graham Crackers {check label on other brands to make sure they are vegan}

Ripe bananas that spread easily


Dark Chocolate Bars


Directions: Cut a 12 inch square of foil. Take a graham cracker and break it in half, slice off a piece of peeled banana and smoosh it with a fork on one side of the graham cracker. Take a Tablespoon or Two… {Ill take the whole jar 😉 and spread onto the other half of graham cracker. Place one square of dark chocolate onto the Nutella side. Put two pieces of graham crackers together like a sandwich. Fold up foil. Toss in the fire for ten minutes. ENJOY THE GOOEY GOODNESS :)

Roasted Banana Splits for the Campfire


Tin Foil

Bananas {leave in peel}

stuff for filling bananas….

{Dark Chocolate Chips, Nutella, Strawberries…. Vegan Marshmallows, nuts, anything really!}

Cut a 12 inch square of foil. Place unpeeled banana on foil. Slice about 1/4 inch into banana lengthwise. Spread banana a little apart along slit so you can stuff in all the goodies of your choosing. Leave peel on banana, close up tinfoil tightly. Toss in the fire away from flames. Cook until chocolate is melted, about ten minutes! Enjoy! {Sorry for the lack of pictures they were gobbled up all too quickly!}


{Thats our pooches angry face…… she is made she didn’t get any dessert. Don’t feel bad…. she is probably more well fed than the kid and the hubster.}






Hope you enjoyed our family camping post, and tips on healthy eating while camping! Let me know what you thought or if you have any tips for eating while camping! Have a wonderful day!



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