How To: bright lipstick

Today I am going to teach you a few tricks in applying bright colored lipstick. I will use MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger in matte.

I prefer bright lip color to be matte because it is less messy and tends to last longer, however if you choose to add a gloss at the end feel free.  It doesn’t matter what lipstick shade you use, just as long as the color is bright and highly pigmented. Anybody can pull off brightly colored lipstick, you just have to choose the right shade.  How to choose the right shade you ask?? Well, don’t be intimidated, just apply color to tips of fingers the pads of your fingers are closest to that of your lips… then hold fingers up to face to see which one looks right with your skin tone.

Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple otherwise you run the risk of looking like Bozo the clown, {and well that’s not cool… unless of course you run with the circus, then have at it!}

I apply stick foundation, mineral powder, a little bit of blush, {sometimes winged eyeliner… how-to seen here} and black mascara, when wearing a brightly colored lipstick.

Lipstick How To:

1.) Exfoliate- your lips {this is a key step because you can see lip texture more with brighter colors, Try this one}

2.) Apply the rest of your makeup regimen first… foundation, powder, etc.

3.) BLock out your natural lip color by applying concealer or MAC’s Lip Erase Lip Balm {this step helps lip color from bleeding as well as provides a clean, well prepped canvas for true color}

4.) Apply lip color. Start from the center working outwards. You can use a lipstick brush if you like, but I prefer to use it strait from the tube.

5.) Blot GENTLY. {helps keep color off the teeth.}

6.) Outline your lips with concealer with a small flat brush.

{As seen below}

7.) Blend outward with brush {this helps lip color from running throughout the day.}

Wahoo! Score. The Perfect Bright lip. Now go out there and get SomE.

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