Easy DIY Zebra Nails

I love me some Hot Pink. So, in honor of my love for the color, we will be doing a “Hot Pink, Zebra Manicure How To” today. Score.

What You will need:

Hot Pink Nail Color of your choice

A Black fine tip Nail Color (picture below) I have tried those pens with little to no success so I would try to avoid those… for those of you lookin for the easy way out!

OPI top coat (only top coat I use to finish off my nail art!)

Apply two coats of Hot Pink nail color. Let Dry completely.

Draw three kind of bent, sweeping lines up one side of your nail.

Go back through and do the other side the same way… when you get to the pinky nail, usually just two on each side… make sure the black nail polish isn’t dripping down the tip… use minimal polish to get a fine line.

Add OPI Top Coat. And Poof. The cool nails EVERYONE will want. And think you paid the big bux for. 

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