It’s all about the PANTS baby.

{Zara Herringbone TrouserĀ also seen here}

By now you all are well aware of my Zara obsession, and since there is now an OPEN Zara Store in San Diego, my closet will be slowly filling up with these precious goods {ok maybe not slowly}.

I promised I would share with you my recent purchase, and these awesome leather/wool harem pants are the cream of the crop! I love the slouchy feel of them, and while wool isn’t exactly the perfect fabric for SoCal, they pair well with a casual tank and sneakers.

So I have to share a funny story.

I emailed my husband a photo of the new purchase… because I couldn’t contain my excitement of course. His response, “Is that elastic? Wait, are those sweatpants? Oh, nevermind, MC Hammer Pants are back in style. Oh Geez.” Real story. Exact words.

Good thing I’m confident. Ha Ha.

Did I mention Zara is a European Company. What can I say. Europeans have mad style yo’.

{Outfit info: Forever 21 Tank, Zara Pant, Ed Hardy Sneakers, Celine Sunglasses, Kate Spade Bangle}

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