Gettin’ Zippy With it.

While we may live in sunny Kauai, we also live in one of the wettest places on earth! Did you know it rains on average 15-17 days a month?? The past few months we have been getting a ton of rain! It is nice to get a break in the sunshine…. and makes for some crazy waterfalls! One of my favorite waterfalls that is an easy drive, is Wailua Falls, there is even a parking lot on the side of it, no walking required for all you non-hikers out there!

(Wailua Falls after a big storm)


Ok. Ok. Yes we live in Kauai. It is pretty awesome. There are gorgeous beaches at your fingertips… (or toes rather :) but soaking up that vitamin sea comes with risk too! Yes, I am going to lecture you on sunscreen. I have had issues with pre-melanoma, and one of my close friends, as well as my husband both just had full blown Melanoma removed. And they are both in their 30’s!!!! Protecting your skin while in the sun is important, I use Shiseido sunscreen because I don’t seem to tan through it at all when I wear it. I know there are more natural ones out there, such as straight zinc.

Other ways we protect our skin is by awesome clothing with SPF protection. Oh, the technological world we live in. We are both cursed and blessed. I came across this great line Swim Zip, and had the opportunity to try out one of their girl’s suits, theĀ Ruffle Me Pretty Swim Zip. My daughter loves it! It protected her great at the beach, didn’t ride up, and the zipper is smooth not irritating her skin at all. She likes to complain about her clothing a lot, so this was a huge win! And the best part…It’s SPF 50+! I washed and dried it, and it washed up perfectly. They even have a women’s line too! Check it out here!





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