What is a Hair Gloss/Shine Treatment + {How to Do it Yourself}



You made it.

Lemme guess…?

You are tired of your dry, dull locks and want a fast cheap way to make your hair look better? Well continue reading and I will be happy to help!

First of all I would like to explain a few things.

What is a Gloss Treatment exactly??

A Gloss Treatment or Color Glaze is an ammonia free, clear hair color that is deposited onto the hair. The clear hair color works by coating the cuticle, which creates visible shine.

Why Should You do it?

This treatment is great for those who wish to add shine to their hair without the addition of any visible color. Since the application is deposit only, (as opposed to lifting pigment such as bleach or lightener), it helps minimize the appearance of dry dull hair.

Products needed for Clear Gloss Treatment:

  • 1 Package of Clear Hair Color {or more depending on the amount of hair}
  • 1 Bottle of Developer
  • Hair Color Bottle or Mixing Bowl and Brush
  • Gloves

How to Do a Gloss Treatment at Yourself:

First you will need to visit your local Beauty Supply Store for supplies. Sally Beauty Supply would be the best place since a Cosmetology license is not required. You need a package of color plus the developer that goes with the color. When buying a clear gloss from a beauty supply store, the color will either say “clear” or the numbers will be zero, zero {meaning no pigment}. If you have trouble finding it the Sally’s Girls are very helpful. Follow the package for mixing instructions.  For example this product from Sally’s says to mix equal parts of Sally’s Clear and Sally’s Developer. {The instructions are 1:1 ratio for mixing.}

Every product is different.

*This is my disclaimer! Read the package instructions, I am not liable, I only provide instruction on how to achieve shinier hair!


  1. Section dry hair in four sections.
  2. Mix Product according to manufacturers directions in Plastic Mixing Bowl.
  3. Start in one quadrant, applying clear color from scalp to ends.
  4. Finish all other sections the same way.
  5. Process according to manufacturers directions.
  6. Rinse and Style.
  7. Enjoy Your New Shiny Hair!!!

Did you try it??? Have you ever had a Glossing Treatment at your Salon? Please share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments!

{Photo @Gina Addison Photography} 

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