Native American Inspired Makeup: {Step by Step How To.}


This past week I decided that for Halloween I wanted to be an Indian… {a native american indian}… I am a very small percentage of Blackfoot after all.  I didn’t want to be the typical… sexy indian girl with no creative aspect to the costume. So I tried to find a more traditional look. I had a very hard time finding images for Native American Makeup How To’s, so I decided to create my own. And I am extremely pleased with how it turned out.

What You Need:

False Eyelashes {one pictured from Sephora here}

Eyelash Glue

Red Rhinestones {I bought mine from Michaels}

Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow {I used MAC Eye shadow in Electric Eel here}

Blue Eyeliner {or any eyeliner that matches the shadow you pick}

Heavy Concealer and Stick Foundation {I used Mac}

Eyebrow Pencil slightly darker than your hair color {sharpened}

Ok. Lets get started.

First you need to apply a heavy base to your entire face including lips.

I used a stick foundation allover, and then patted concealer across the middle third of my face. Be especially careful on this step because this is the primer for the blue band.

Next Apply the false eyelashes. Great tutorial here.


Next use the eyeliner and draw a line from mid ear level across your face to the same spot on the other side. The line needs to be strait but don’t worry if the inside of it isn’t perfect since that’s where the shadow will go.


Then draw another line from the corner of your eyelids towards the ear.

Repeat on each side.

The eyeliner helps keep the blue eyshadow from running into the rest of your face while you get your Halloween groove on.



This is the MAC Eye shadow I used {in Electric Eel here}.


Now for the tricky part.

Take any eyeshadow brush and load up the brush with whatever eye shadow you picked for the band. Make sure you pat, pat, pat. Then load up again.


Remember Pat, Pat, and Pat. Do not rub. It will create dust allover your face, and you will not get the highly pigmented look shown. This is also true when applying bright colors to your lids for everyday makeup. The concealer helps create long lasting color as well.


Continue until your band is completely filled. Next draw in your eyebrows.

*If you have a hard time penciling in eyebrows I recommend the stencils they sell at Sephora here.


Now for the rhinestones. Dip a toothpick into eyelash glue and then dab a little on the back of each rhinestone. This part was a little bit messy for me. It really is just trial and error to make sure it is a strait line. Apply the rhinestones as close to each other as possible. I took the end of a pencil eraser to push on each individual rhinestone before I moved on to the next one so it was completely dry.


Now put the rest of your costume together… I used a random souvenir headdress I had from a road trip through Chimney Rock. This one is cool too.

I wore a beaded belt as a choker as well. Etsy has a ton of cool ones here. Or make your own!


The rest of your costume is up to you! Have fun! And be safe :)


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