DIY “The Valentine’s Day Manicure”

I absolutely love Valentines Day…. Whether I was single or in a relationship (and now married) I have always loved it….(maybe even more than XMAS) probably because I am absolutely obsessed with hearts.. which is why I had to share this manicure I did today. I used OPI “My Chihuahua bites” as seen here and Maybellines Express Finish Nail Color Hearts.

{*Update… the Maybelline Heart Nail Color seems to be MIA so I found this one to replace it…. }


People always ask me how ( with a baby) my nails always look so good. It’s hard to make time but sometimes you just have to try to make yourself feel good by taking time for yourself.  {Today my daughter just happens to be sound asleep.}

Now to get started.

First make sure your nails are properly prepped. This will ensure the polish lasts for more than a day, (thank you cosmetology school!).

All nail polish needs to be removed, nails must be filed and cuticles pushed back.  Hands need to be washed thoroughly with soap and completely dried. If there is any residue of anything on your nails they will chip very quickly which is why proper prep is very important.

I never use a base coat, it never seems to make a difference with how long it lasts.  Apply two coats of any red nail color.  {Color shown is OPI My Chihuahua bites here} If you have a hard time keeping your hand steady just go back with a Q-tip with a little bit of nail polish remover to touch up.


Let partially dry for a few minutes. Then apply one coat of heart nail polish. Finish by using an OPI top coat. The top coat is just as important as the prepping as it seals in all your hard work. I am by no means sponsored by OPI, however I am a very faithful OPI user. This is the only top coat I will use. It works!



You now have an awesome Valentines day manicure, now go out there and get some.

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