Take Your Outfit from Play Date to Hot Date Night.

It really is amazing what a few little tweaks to your accessories can do for the overall appearance of an outfit. Granted I am wearing hot pink pants, and yes, I realize not all moms will branch out and wear these, so with that in mind you can sub the pants out for nice fitted non-mom jeans. Now pick a loose fitting T-shirt or Tank {preferably with no logos and I am partial to black… who looks bad in black? Come on now}. I chose a pair of H&M pants, and a tank I have had forever. Okay. So this is the basic outfit…. now to accessorize.

In order to dress up an otherwise boring outfit, accessories are key. I always say the more the merrier…. but yes, they can be overdone as well. For the purpose of this post I would like to say that the first outfit is for a play date… say, a kids birthday party, than the next outfit is for meeting a friend who has zero kids, and the final dressiest outfit is for a night out with the girls or a hot date night with the hubs.

For the Play Date Outfit, I used a black headband to pull my hair out of my face, chose casual “flip flops” for shoes, and opted for no purse because I love my Juicy Diaper bag… and I had a ton of stuff to carry for Sailor {my daughter}.

For outfit number two: Coffee Date with a friend… I grabbed a cute black fedora, a nicer purse, and swapped out my shoes for nicer black leather sandals.

For the Dinner Date or Night Out with Friends Outfit: I took off my hat, added the headband and a chunky necklace, faux leather jacket, and swapped out my shoes for sexy high heels.

See what a difference accessories can make on your overall appearance?!! Now go out there and get some!!!

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