Buying Makeup: When to Skimp & When to Splurge.

I have a love hate relationship with makeup.

I love the way it looks, but I hate how much it can cost.

For years I have been experimenting with brands and formulas of any type of makeup you can imagine. Some eyeliners wear off… some eyeshadows don’t show up at all…. and some mascaras definitely are not waterproof.

One question we constantly find ourselves asking is: ”Why should I spend all of my hard earned cash on this particular beauty product?”

I struggled for years, so now you don’t have to.

{Page down for the complete List.}


When to Skimp and When to Splurge When Buying Cosmetics:

Let’s start of with when to spend the big bucks. I would say moisturizer and sunscreen are my top picks for pricey items. When buying both items the least amount of ingredients are usually the mildest and most natural for your skin. Anything zinc based is a wonderful sunscreen. {I use Shiseido Suncsreen and OleHenrikson moisturizers}.

If you wear any sort of eye color, you need to invest in a good set of makeup brushes. I don’t care if you go to Ross or Target to buy them. And use the brushes to apply your makeup instead of that teeny tiny little sponge applicator that came with the Maybelline Makeup I know you have in your cosmetic bag! You will no longer be frustrated when applying eyeshadow! I promise!

I know there is an overabundance of bright and gorgeous eyeshadow colors at your local CVS, however, from my experience they do not last and most of them do not appear the same color on as straight from the package.

My eyeshadow of choice is anything MAC. If you apply concealer to your lids first, and then pat the color on with a brush, the color will be extremely vibrant and last all day with no crease line {yea I bet you didn’t know that was possible!} Another item that is on the splurge side of the list is liquid eyeliner. This is because not all liquid eyeliners are treated alike. Bad ones will smear, run, drip, come off… they do anything but stay on! {I use MAC} For a “how to apply liquid eyeliner” click here.

The only cheaper liquid eyeliner that I support is this one by Loreal. I know you have all heard of Lancome Cosmetics at your local department stores. Well the Loreal Company owns Lancome, so instead of spending a lot of money at the Lancome counter, go to Target and buy anything Loreal and it is the same product, I swear.

For the remaining items I separated them under “Skimp” and “Splurge”, page down for the complete list.


Sunscreen- Shiseido

Eyeshadow Pigments- MAC

Lipstick- MAC and Tigi Cosmetics [but Tigi is hard to find}

Moisturizer- Ole Henrikson

Liquid Eyeliner- MAC {I use this one with an eyeliner brush, how to apply liquid click here}

Foundations and powders go to your local Sephora {if you need a lot of coverage, cheaper ones tend to not cover as well}


Lip Gloss- any brand is good depending on the consistency you like.

Lip Pencil- Wet and Wild {the cheapest brand}

Eye Liner Pencil {not liquid version}- Wet and Wild {the cheapest brand…really doesn’t make a difference}

Foundations and powders any brand {unless you need alot of coverage and then you need to splurge}

Blush and Bronzers- any

Mascara {I actually like Loreal and Maybelline the best.}

Waterproof mascara {Loreal’s version will not come off for anything, go ahead and try to get it off 😉

Is there anything you think needs to be a skimp? or a splurge?

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